Tech Lead Roadmap

This roadmap is still in progress and always updated every time new content released.

Ch1: The Basic

Prerequisites that can make it easier for you to acquire tech lead qualities: Definition, Motivation, Mindset and more.

What is Tech Lead?
Motivation & Behavior
  • Outside Office Hour (Coming Soon)

  • What to do in first 90 Days? (Coming Soon)


Ch2: Hard Skills

Required hard skills and tools you need to know in order to become a great tech lead.

Programming & Fundamental
  • CAP Theorem (Coming Soon)

System Design & Architecture
Tech Tools & Platforms

Ch3: Soft Skills

Soft skills required to become a great tech lead.

Build a Team
  • Pick the right team members

Leadership & Empower People
Project & Time Management
  • How to estimate task timeline accurately (Coming Soon)

Other Soft Skills
  • Greate Engineer, Connect the dots

Ch4: Getting Promotion Strategy

Now, you possess tech lead qualities, but having qualities alone does not make you a tech lead. You need a strategy!

Ch5: Mark Legacy

Congrats, you are a leader now. What next?

  • Transition into Managerial

  • Attracting Talent